Legendary only

10 legendary 1/1 artworks are in this collection

1% royalty

royalty comes in 2 subclasses royal blood and royal guards

9% royal court

the royal court exists within 6 subclasses Ryuu, Moriyama, Hideaki, Sho, Osamu and Toshiyuki

15% Government forces

the government forces exist within 2 categories and 8 subclasses

Treasury, Economics, Justice, Territorial Command

Social Control, Re-education, Propaganda, Intelligence

75% armed forces

Detective, military police, riot police, security patrol, traffic, riot police, chemical unit, sapper, infantry, heavy infantry, light infantry, ordinance, ship repair, supplies, marine, firefighter, helicopter, fighter jet, artillery, engineer, tank, mech infantry, medical

NFT Minigame

Players will be able to stake their genesis NFT on the website.
Staking will unlock a temporary mini-game. In this mini-game, players will be able to send their genesis NFT’s on a mission and unlock in-game NFT items that will help when the P2E game is live.
Utility: Stake on the mini-game to earn components which can combine into different weapon mystery crates. Crates and components can be traded on the secondary marketplace. Crates will reveal when the game launches. Weapons are used to enhance the effectiveness of agents during missions.


Limited tickets will be available to upload your likeness into your NFT, immortalizing it onto the blockchain.