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Royal Blood

Royal Houses

Ryuu and Moriyama


Treasury And Economics, Justice And Territorial Command


Ordanance, Shiprepair, Navy Supplies, Marine, Chemical Unit, and Medic

Reign of Terror: Awakening

Reign of Terror: Awakening consists of 64 missions. Players will send their NFTs on these missions in order to earn various prizes including Loot Crates (items inside will range from weapons, gear, and consumables) of different rarities and gathering of Intelligence which will have future use cases in all future Reign of Terror releases.

Each time players complete a mission in Reign of Terror: Awakening, they will unlock a piece of the Orochi City map. Completion of all 64 pieces of the map will result in their chance at earning an EPIC Loot Crate. When using the most common NFTs, missions will take 24 hours to complete each. The major value in owning rarer Genesis NFTs is that you will get higher drop rates for Intelligence points (Int). Only those holding a Reign of Terror Genesis NFT will be able to access Reign of Terror: Awakening.