bLOCKCHAIN Mechanics

Enter a futuristic fully-immersive playable cyberpunk world.

NFT characters that use in-game currency to level up, build, join guilds, and even commit DeFi exercises.

  • P2E missions/quests -In-game DeFi mechanics (staking/liquidity pooling)
  • SocialFi mechanics with Guilds
  • DAO Governance system
  • NFT lending All of which integrate seamlessly creating a user-friendly layer of blockchain beneath the skin of the game

Defi Integration

Stake $ROT for Yield and the Project’s Social Token ($sROT)

Play to Earn Economy

Run PvE and PvP Missions to Earn Money

NFT Land System

Stake Lands, Construct Buildings, and Attack Other Players’ Lands

SocialFi NFT Lending

Lend NFTs to Other Players to Let Them Help Complete Missions

NFT Marketplace & Burning

Level Up and Fuse NFTs to Enhance Their Power, Trade NFTs & Burn NFTs

SocialFi Guild & Alliances

Form Alliances & Guilds and Participate in the RoT DAO using $sROT


Q2 2022

IDO + TGE + NFT Genesis Drop + NFT Metagame (Supports Genesis Drop and Token After TGE)

Q2 2022

Closed Beta

Q3 2022

Game Release

Q3 2022

Added DeFi
Multichain Incorporation

Q4 2022

Expansion 1

Q1 2023

Additional DeFi

Q2 2023

Expansion 2
(Strategic Battles)


Prior to the launch of our game, we are offering a unique access to some amazing NFTs in our initial Genesis PFP NFT sale. Each NFT is offering special advantages.

Subscribe and get unique opportunities to be part of the early adopters before mass adoption.


Joseph / Founder

Joseph / Founder

  • 10+ years of video game industry experience with multinational game companies in America and China (Perfect World, Chukong, GREE (Japan), Tencent, NetEase Games) and into crypto since 2017.
  • Worked on various large game titles including Arena of Valor.
  • Participated in esports for various games and heavily focuses on the user experience in both gaming and crypto.
Seewan / CTO

Seewan / CTO

  • 15+ years of experience with game companies in Asia and America (Electronic Arts, Softworld Amber Studios, QVOD) and 20+ years in VR/AR.
  • Worked on projects with Epic & Ubisoft.
  • Experience in crypto technology and connected with many blockchain development teams.
  • Experience in MMORPGs and other online games.
Vissch / Creative Director

Vissch / Creative Director

  • Worked on Hollywood movie IPs: Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.
  • 10 years experience as a professional artist mostly in games, specializing in world building.
  • Experience as a creative director and concept artist on successful NFT PFP launches on Ethereum.
  • Hardcore gamer with plenty of MMORPG experience.
Alvin / Game Design Director

Alvin / Game Design Director

  • Ran his own game studio for 10 years (PC/mobile gaming).
  • One of the leading pioneers of the metaverse in Singapore through his tech company, digitizing all of the country for use in future metaverse applications with the Singaporean government.
  • Strong background in banking and economics and obsesses over strong economic systems.
Julian / Art Lead

Julian / Art Lead

  • As a pioneer he has worked as an artist in the video gaming industry for more than 2 decades in international triple-A companies like Ubisoft, KOEI and Softworld.
  • He sculpts and produces his own bespoke collectible figurines and also collaborates with premium collectible toy company like XMStudio on projects.
  • Currently he is the program director of 3DSenseMediaSchool in Singapore for their Digital Game and Visual Art programs.
John / Advisor

John / Advisor

  • 10+ years of experience managing large teams while helping support iconic franchises such as Call of Duty, Skylanders, Diablo and Destiny.
  • Has held distinguished executive roles including CIO, CTO and Director at Esports Entertainment Group as well as key positions at Carte Blanche Entertainment Limited and with Sparkjumpers Studios and Activision Blizzard.



What is Reign of Terror ($ROT)?
It is a unique cyberpunk P2E blockchain game on Solana developed by Red Door Digital that weaves DeFi staking mechanics and NFTs into every facet of the game including Agents who run missions in a squad, Crafting (blueprints and manufacturing), Lands and more. Wage war in high stakes gameplay: NFTs can be stolen, ransomed or burned.

Are There Unique Features?
-Participate in escalating strategic battles -Risk everything in the Terror Zone for awesome rewards – Develop your agents to wield incredible powers
-Form guilds and alliances with access to end game content by staking $ROT
-Separate NFT marketplace providing a place to publish and trade your NFTs
-Lend NFTs to other players to get them started more easily -Explore the crafting system to uncover new technological breakthroughs

What Is $ROT Token Utility?
-Staking for multiple benefits
-Purchasing items in the in-game NFT marketplace interface
-Exchanging to other crypto currencies