Reign of Terror is an epic cyberpunk game world with multiple games all with $REIGN utility and different types of NFTs. Own and interact with in-game assets in various ways such as trading, ransoming, burning, and raiding. Through our game world and IP, we will bridge both the traditional gaming and web3 gaming worlds to create a huge ecosystem that will stand the test of time and bring continued benefits to the community.

Awakening: A tile conquering game where you can earn huge prizes by unlocking each location’s vault while both teaming up and competing against your friends for $REIGN and unique NFT types.

Hacker Assault:In Hacker Assault, players work together to defeat AI bosses in complex computer security systems and AI Anti-hacking sentries. Spend $REIGN to use hacking tools and develop strategies to deal damage to the bosses.

Uprising: Set your squad of your best agents, level them up, fuse them together to access higher rarities, craft items and have them complete missions for $REIGN and additional NFTs.

Reign of Terror SPRG: The premiere XCOM meets MMORPG-style tactical cyberpunk RPG where you establish your stronghold with your various squads of agents, deck them out with custom weapons, armor, and items. Complete various types of tactical missions, access special utility and own everything on chain.


Pre-Alpha Demo Shown at Gamescom and Available on Elixir

NFT Genesis Drop
Reign of Terror: Awakening v1 Released
Awakening v1 QoL Update

$REIGN Initial Token Listing on
Migration from Solana to BNB Started

The Ultimate Game To Be Revealed
Epic $REIGN Token Utility

Building Out Our World through Multichain and Metagames
Onboarding Traditional Gamers for Mass Adoption

Reign of Terror SRPG
Mainstream Adoption of Utility Provided by $REIGN

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What is the token contract address?

Where can I buy $REIGN?
Our token is tradable on

What is the token utility?
$REIGN is built with powering the ecosystem and utility in mind for our expanding roster of metagames and the development of our IP into both the traditional gaming and Web3 gaming worlds to grow and strengthen the community.

Awakening: Used to run missions, speedups, scouting for additional rewards and access to special NFTs with additional rewards.

Uprising: Missions, fusing Agents (burning and increasing rarity) and items together for more power to complete high level missions. Attempting missions.

Reign of Terror (Full): In addition to what is shown in Uprising, $REIGN is also used to build up bases (lands) to generate resources for your Agents and Items for PvE and PvP. Additional utility in both high-end PvE and PvP.